Sunday, July 17, 2011

O.R.B Bluetooth

This is the coolest Bluetooth ever to grace the world!!! This thing is a ring and an over-ear Bluetooth headset. It supposedly started production in 2010, but no word of it in the news or possible vendors. I am not a big fan of Bluetooth because I'm not big on telephone conversation. This thing, however, gives you appointment reminders, caller id, and text messages! Here are a few images, and below is the link to the original site. There isn't much on it as of yet, if anyone finds information on this please comment!!!

Details on the Bluetooth (Scroll down)


  1. I always found the bluetooth headsets a bit douchy. I must admit that the ring one is pretty cool though.

  2. I can't wear a bluetooth. I've seen to many people on one and I thought they were talking to themselves. One time I was positive a man was on a bluetooth. When I was getting off the bus I checked and he didn't have one! Nice blog + follow.

  3. Does anyone actually use bluetooth headsets? I don't think this sort of tech is going to launch off.

  4. they have one i can attach to my balls?

  5. Very cool, although I've mistakenly spoke to people who were actually using headsets...

  6. Like others mentioned, it has happened to me before that people say something and I think they are talking to me only to find myself talking alone and the other person on the phone. It's kind of embarrassing once you realize that you're not having a conversation with the other person.

  7. oh right this thing! not a HUGE fan of bluetooth either, but it is interesting

  8. @GMSoccerPicks - the ring is actually the headset. The ring rotates out to become an earpiece, so you can use it either way.

    @Funny Pets - thanks Followed you back :)

    @Ala Mode 7 - around here people use them all the time!

    @Major.Mack - LMAO!!!

    @Cartoon Universe - me too, I work retail and I hate it when people do that!

    @Charles Godfrey - So many people are rude about it too, like you are interrupting some deep thought! If I knew, I would have left them alone!

    @LaezE Boy - I have never liked bluetooth for all the reasons above, but I would use this one as the ring, since it can be either.

    I'm always losing my phone in my bag, so it would be an easy way for me to keep up with reminders and decide if my phone was worth finding to answer a call or respond to a text. Thanks for the comments so far :D

  9. I may get one of those if possible

  10. been looking at getting a hands free device. this one even turns into a ring! might be cool.

  11. I've been following this product since it won Best of Innovation at CES 2010, when the original launch date was said to be January 2010 for the standard model and a few months later for a "Deluxe" edition.

    Those dates came and went silently and new proposed release dates have replaced them on a number of occasions without joy.

    Even when this ring won the "Top Honour" at CES 2010, there was no working prototype. There still isn't one, by the way.

    Hybratech even had a Facebook page for a while, which they eventually took down.

    Regrettably, the only explanation for all of this is that the product doesn't actually exist yet, and probably never will. Many have already blogged about this being "vaporware", or at best an attempt to lure investors that never came.

    Either way, I think it's time to resign ourselves to fact that this product will never see the light of day as a working prototype, much less a packaged and puchasable product.

    Shame, really.