Sunday, September 4, 2011

Awesome Day!

Today has been an amazing day! Me and my fiance finally found a new place to stay!!! We are moving around the first of October. After several days of driving all over the place, between about 5 different towns within 20 miles of the city we both work, we finally found something. We got extremely lucky to find a landlord who is very laid back and doesn't want to charge an arm and a leg for the place. We have lots to do between now and October, but I am so glad I know where we are going to be and don't have to have nightmares about being homeless giving birth to Dexter. Plus, moving in October will give us a few months to get settled and find a routine before Dexter arrives. It will be so amazing to finally have our own place. This will be the first time we are living alone as a couple and I can not wait!!! Being able to just be ourselves and being able to make the place ours is going to be an adventure. Plus I will get to decorate how I want and really be comfortable finally. The place is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and really big on the inside. Its on a quiet road at the end of a quiet street. But, its closer to the city than we are living now. I'm so excited that I was nearly jumping for joy in the car on the way home. This was the big break we have been hoping for and desperately needing. Now I can focus on getting ready for Dexter and Josh can focus on getting his tech business back up and running like it should be. He has a huge server upgrade coming up soon that he needs to focus on, and now he can. So today has been totally awesome, and I have been so wrapped up in what's going on that I don't have much to post in the way of internet found stuff. Here are a few funny videos ya'll might enjoy.

I feel like the Snail in this one, I am ready to MOVE IT!!! LOL

 Gotta love cats! I definitely want one, and our new place is so open that we can have one, but Josh is allergic. He said I could have an outside cat if I really wanted one, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, September 2, 2011


YAY for me! I now have 100 followers on this humble little blog!!! I'm so excited, but at the same time surprised. I haven't been posting consistently because I am still working two jobs. Thank you to everyone who has shown support for me and my blog. I have been considering adding a new blog to post about being a new mom and everything the internet has to offer me as such. It's a big endeavor considering how many sites there are to help and give advice. I'll keep you updated if I decide to go forward with it.

I have found some pretty interesting things online recently and thought I would share the most controversial with you to celebrate my 100th follower. I'm sure most of you can guess where I got these posts from, and I know most of you are men (with the exception of a few). The few women that do have blogs and follow me, I would love to get your input on this post since its about us!!!

I know this is really really long, and I apologize, but believe me its worth the read! Sorry about the small images, Blogger hates the size of this originals.

Apparently these guys had a run in with the wrong chicks. It upsets me that someone could be so manipulating and makes me ashamed to be a woman. I know that a lot of you guys would read these and assume its the epitome of what women are, but that is so untrue!!! I would never treat someone like this or manipulate them. I think that any body who acts this way should be removed from the gene pool. I know that a lot of guys have been trapped by women who claim they are the father of their children, and that is wrong in and of itself. But when you add that to the lie the first woman drew out to the bitter end, it makes me want to kick her ass for all the decent women she is shaming. The second woman is nearly as bad, and I love the way the guy handled it. I actually admire these men for standing their ground and hopefully teaching these women a lesson.

As a woman and soon-to-be mother I do understand the need to find a decent man who can provide support and security. I don't condone any kind of cheating (be it even the slightest form) and I especially don't condone lying and manipulating. I feel this woman should be more mature and adult about the choices she made to sleep around and get knocked up. She is also described as an older woman which makes the situation worse. How in the hell can she live with herself? It disgusts me.

I can also understand the need of a woman to be doted on and treated like a princess. Women, for some strange reason I can't even figure out, need to be pampered. I would call myself "medium maintenance" in the upkeep category. I am not high maintenance by any means. I don't spend money getting fake nails or doing my hair every month, and I definitely don't shop at malls, or even buy clothes/shoes/pocketbooks on a regular basis. But I do take care of myself, dress nice, wear make-up most days, and buy things when I can justify the need. I find myself some days craving a splurge, I suppose its part of woman-nature. On these days I tend to focus on things I can feel good about without breaking the bank, be it Starbucks, a new shirt, or new make-up. This need is not something men get regularly, or ever. Women just have it in their DNA to shop, and want to be taken care of. Any of you can ask my fiance and he will tell you that I am not the type like woman number two.

I hate when he spends a lot of money on me, and if I let him get away with it, he tends to go overboard because I wont let him most of the time. The example being my birthday. He bought me flowers, a jewelry box, a new game system and accessories, took me out to eat, and pampered me the whole day. Never had I let him or anyone else do that for me, and it was definitely a surprise. Having said that, it filled a need that I didn't realize I had. Having him spend money on me and treat me so luxuriously was an amazing high that I can't find anywhere else. The feeling was so addictive that its hard for me to accept that it wont happen like that again. I have gotten more agreeable to him when he wants to spend money on me, just to get a taste of that feeling. I do believe that men can feel that way, but with a different set of wants/needs being filled. When a man feels that way, its usually because their woman takes care of them. We clean, cook, fornicate, and baby you to make you feel the same high that we do during a shopping trip we don't have to pay for. Whereas the feelings are different because women are much more emotionally aware and tend to feel the same high on different levels, men still feel the "warm gooey" emotion that comes with being taken care of.

The women who abuse that feeling and treat men like a money machine are always giving good women, like myself a bad name. It also makes men hate women on a level that actually causes them to be detached from relationships. Men don't trust women because of all the stories and experiences they have. Because of this underlying mistrust its easier for men to say "fuck you" and walk away from a relationship that may or may not be as bad as they think. They go into a relationship without trust and wait for the woman to turn out like the others they have heard about or know. Believe it or not women pick up on this underlying mistrust and most of the time don't even realize it. It breeds in us and we tend to over analyze everything because we sense something isn't right. Some women take that to the extreme. They pick up on the mistrust and turn it around so they can manipulate and play the victim later. Its part of our protection against a man who would just walk away at any time. So, some of the problems between the sexes are based on cultural experience breeding mistrust and acceptance of unacceptable behavior. I hate the way the world has turned love into a sport and also a competition. But if there is one good thing out of it, maybe it will be that the population will stop exploding and we will start maintaining an acceptable level of reproduction.

Please leave me comments and let me know what your opinions are, or even your experiences!!!