Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally Something New!!

Sorry again guys for being so absent lately. It was a crazy week with both jobs, but I made it through. I am hoping I can find a happy medium and get on here everyday. I'm having insomnia pretty bad with my pregnancy, so I may end up doing my blogging at night. I want to thank everyone who visited my page and left comments, the Disney post was a big I may post more open ended stuff later. I'm nearing the 100 followers mark and couldn't be happier with how well this blog is going. So here is my treat for ya'll. I'm going to give you a little more about me. My fiance thinks I should keep the personal stuff to a minimum but I like to see a little personal stuff because it makes the person on the other end of the internet seem more real!

Fact 1: I am a This is me, taken about 3 days ago killing time before going into work. Forgive the lame graphics, I am a little loopy from lack of sleep. I'm sure some of you wont think this is really me, but I promise it is, I would load a picture of me and my fiance, but he hates having his picture taken, so he wouldn't let me.

Fact 2: I have only been a licensed driver for a year and 8 months (and I am 25). This is my car, I know its old and crappy but I love the stupid thing. Its nickname is "Fidget" because it pretty much needs a lot of love and a lot of work. I bought it last February for $950. It had been sitting in a garage for about 6 years, ran occasionally, but had new tires. Amazingly the thing runs pretty decent to be a 1986 Prelude. The hubcaps are one of my favorite quirks but I lost one about 6 months ago, which sucks! My other favorite perk is the sunroof, which doesn't leak (surprisingly) and works great. Of course, it has no heat or air, it leaks oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. I recently had to get a lot of work done on the brakes, and so far I've put in about half what I paid for it in repairs and maintenance. The sad part is that this baby will be gone next year. I can't exactly get a car seat in and out of this tiny two door thing easily, and without heat or air, I don't want to submit my baby to the temperature extremes I deal with daily. The summers here are getting ridiculously hot (hitting over 100 degrees, and crazy humid) and the winters are not light by any means. So next year I'll be selling it to get a better car. I may stick with a Honda simply for the amazing gas mileage (even at 25 years old it gets about 29 mpg). It is an amazing first car to say the least and I'm going to hate to see it go.

Fact 3: I am expecting my first child in December. This is my baby Dexter! Being pregnant has been rough, but I love knowing I will soon be a mother. He is kind of an insomniac like me...He is up right now at 2:30am! He is big and growing fast, and has changed my entire world around in just 4 months. Right now I am at the halfway point of my pregnancy (about 20 weeks), and I'm so amazed at how time has flown by. It's stressful for sure, because we need to move into our first place before November, but I couldn't be happier. This picture is my favorite because you can see him sucking his thumb. I am so excited and can't wait to hold him!

Fact 4: I love to draw....even though I don't make time for it anymore. All of these are my artwork, but not completely original. I drew them but copied the images, no tracing! The first one is the Joker. I drew it with lead pencil on sketchbook paper. The original was the cover of a Game Informer magazine with the Joker in a straight jacket. I loved the detail of his face so I made it bigger when I drew it. The second one is the best work I have ever done. I found an image about an inch tall in a comic magazine that was awesome. I used a grid system to enlarge it on poster paper and drew it free hand with lead pencil only. The one I drew is about 2 feet tall, and a little disproportionate. Her head is a lot smaller than it should be. I entered it in a drawing contest but only got Honorable Mention because of the proportion issue. The last one is another, smaller image enlarged from about a square inch to about 4 square inches. If you guys can tell me what it is then YOU can decide what I post!!!

Fact 5: I tend to attract animals in need...a lot. I have rescued more animals than I can remember. I raised a baby squirrel from barely eating solid food to full grown. I raised a chicken like a parrot until it was too big to fit in the cage and she lived for 7 years as a free range bird around our house after that. I have taken in dogs, cats, ducks, a goose, mice, snakes, and many more. My brother nick named me Eli-mae (if you don't know the reference I'm, because I just have a way with animals. I even carried home a 3 foot copperhead when I was in elementary school. My all time favorite was my first son, Ezekiel Thomas. He was an amazing lab/springer spaniel (with a touch of saint bernard), who lived 10 years. He just died this year, and I still miss him a lot. I raised him alone and he never had temper issues, training issues, or even one single "accident" in the house as a puppy. He was the best dog ever.

So now ya'll know more about me. I'm sorry the post got so long, I didn't realize it was getting this much until I was done! I'm going to wrap it up for the night and post some fun stuff for ya'll tomorrow. Leave me comments and let me know if you can figure out where that last piece of artwork originated!!! Thanks again for hanging in there with me even though I can't post every day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta Love Dogs!

I'm still really busy and these days I feel like a walking zombie because I'm not getting much sleep. I don't have a lot of time, so I'm sharing a great video of a dog that I found on the Tosh.0 blog. Thanks for hangin in there with me!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm still super busy these days, but I want to keep up with this as much as I can, so I'm doing a quick post. Josh and I went to the movies Sunday to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. We don't like paying $7.50 a person, so we rarely bother going out to the theater, but we need some time out of the house alone. It was a great movie (I love Transformers and Micheal Bay's theatrics). When we went into the lobby I saw an advertisement for my favorite movie of all time. In September of this year Disney is bringing The Lion King back to theaters!!! Its going to be in 3D (which I'm not a big fan of), but seeing it on the big screen is what I'm so excited about. The Lion King originally came out in 1994, when I was 8 years old. I grew up poor, and we never went to the movies, so I never got to experience it in theaters. It has always been my favorite movie and I love getting the opportunity to see it on the big screen.

I have always been a fan of Disney movies and most of my favorites are Disney films. Below are some of images/gifs of a few of my favorites. Do ya'll like Disney movies? What are your favorites?

Bambi is a great movie, makes me cry every time!! My mom actually nicknamed me Bambi when I was little because she said my eyes were as big as my head..LOL *Quick note, this is a GIF, but you gotta click it to see it move!*

The Little Mermaid is my favorite in terms of music (aside from Fantasia 2000). The songs are amazing, and Ariel's love for singing inspired me to sing. I'm not any good, but I do love karaoke!

Who doesn't love Finding Nemo? This is one of my favorite scenes.

Pocahontas is the movie that cultivated my love of animals and nature. I definitely identify with Pocahontas and her view of the world around her. Every part of nature is alive and connected to each other. Plus, this is another one that has amazing music.

Ratatouille was just awesome! Remy is one of my favorite characters.

I loved the re-imagining of Tarzan in Disney's version. The way Tarzan moves through the forest, and the fluidity of the whole movie was awesome. And the "pots and pans" scene with the gorillas is worthy of a million awards!

Lastly, but definitely not least is Wall-e. This one really hit home with the way humans abuse our only home. I wish it would have spurred more action on our part to clean up the planet, but we are slowly realizing what needs to be done. Plus he is so darn cute!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Geez its Hot!!

A lot of the US has been suffering major heat waves this year. I live in North Carolina, which is in the most humid part of the US. This year has been bad from the beginning. We had pretty serious snow and ice storms throughout winter, and spring was pretty much non existent. We had a few days of 60 degree weather, but it quickly spiked to 70 and 80 degree days, even though the nights were closer to freezing. It would frost all night, then the days would be hot and sticky. Not long after the frost was over, summer hit hard. We were having 90 degree days before the official start of summer in June!!! Now we are in the end of the first half of summer and its miserable outside. The temperatures stay over 70 all night and when the sun rises, they quickly jump to 90+ degrees. Today it has been closer to 100, with he heat index over 100.

This is a picture from the Charlotte, NC television news station site. The temperatures here (about an hour a way) are a little warmer, but only by a few degrees.

My fiance got me out of bed at 6:30am (earlier than I have been up since high school!) and we went to a few yard sales in the area. We found a lot of great stuff for the baby including: $10 homemade rocking chair with a stool, $36 bag of baby clothes that is worth about $200, a $2 boppy pillow for nursing, a $1 baby bag that is brand new, and we have a contact to get a crib for $40 that is solid wood and adjusts for size. It was great getting out and finding good stuff, but by 9:30am it was well into the upper 80 degree range, and miserably humid. By then we had to call it quits and head for home. For the first time in my entire life I find myself wishing for cold weather and snow!!! I was born in July and have always loved the heat, but I'm telling you this heat is ridiculous!!! This is more of what I have to look forward to:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I know I haven't posted in a few days, sorry about that guys. I have been busy, and the internet was down this morning for a while. This coming week I'm starting a second job to make ends meet. I'm working Monday through Saturday and may not have a lot of time to post. I will definitely try to visit ya'lls blogs and such...but posting may be just reblogging stuff from my old blog or pictures I find randomly. Hang in there for me, and once I get the hang of working two jobs I'll be able to get a schedule worked out so I can blog better. Follow my fiance if you don't already, he keeps up with his more than me since he works on the computer pretty much 90% of the time.

A Tech's World View

Have a great weekend ya'll and I'll keep you posted on everything :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lamebook and Google+

I was surfing on Lamebook today and found a few Google+ gems I would like to share. Enjoy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank You Followers!

I have tried blogging before, but I have to say Google blogs are so much better! I'm still figuring out the customization part, and if ya'll can help me with that I would love to make my blog more personal. Overall, the blog community is awesome! I am loving the blogs that I find and following more everyday. I love seeing all the different things people blog about and feeling really educated and connected to so many different people and their lives. I have to say that my followers are amazing! You make my blog so much better than I can make it alone. Your comments are interesting, and you guys visit me every day! I am probably going to add a Blog Stats gadget and a maybe one of the Top Followers gadget soon, just to show ya'll my appreciation. In less than a week ya'll have taken me from cautious about trying another blog to gung-ho and ready to post more than once a day! I probably wont have time to post more than once (unless I'm fighting my insomnia - which is the case tonight), but I will try to post everyday.

A little more about me:
I work retail (crappy hours for crappy pay) and I am pregnant, getting married, and trying to find an apartment all at once. Our baby boy Dexter is due in December, and I can't wait to meet him. Ya'll may hear more about him if I don't find much else to blog about, or if I'm short on time to post. I am not planning a big wedding because we just don't have time for it, but hopefully we can get the legal stuff out of the way before Dexter comes. Apartment hunting is a pain in the butt when I don't know what to prepare for. This is my first everything it feels like. My first pregnancy, my first apartment, and definitely the first man to treat me right. And now, my first serious blog.

Thank ya'll so much for your support and help in making this a successful blog for me. I actually look forward to checking ya'lls blogs, comments, and sharing my thoughts everyday! Keep up the amazing work!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

O.R.B Bluetooth

This is the coolest Bluetooth ever to grace the world!!! This thing is a ring and an over-ear Bluetooth headset. It supposedly started production in 2010, but no word of it in the news or possible vendors. I am not a big fan of Bluetooth because I'm not big on telephone conversation. This thing, however, gives you appointment reminders, caller id, and text messages! Here are a few images, and below is the link to the original site. There isn't much on it as of yet, if anyone finds information on this please comment!!!

Details on the Bluetooth (Scroll down)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hell Has Frozen Over

I already posted for today, but I could not pass up this hilarity. Found this on Cheezburger Network, and I cannot stop laughing! This sounds like something I would post on my exams in college. Seriously this guy is a genius!!! And I love the quote "we can project all souls go to Hell" from his reasoning about religion. And the ending is definitely the kicker. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Harry Potter Reenacted by Cats

Harry Potter mania is flooding the internet with everything imaginable! (Rule 34 is not to be This is a video I found on Cheezburger Network and I swear I couldn't stop laughing. I love the Harry Potter series, the books were way better than the movies, don't get me wrong. But this is hilarious. I love Hermonie's spoof, too funny! Let me know what ya'll think. PS (no spoilers unless you didn't watch number 6)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Robber turned Sex Slave!

This is hilarious!! I found this little gem on the Tosh.0 blog. A guy tried to rob a hair salon in Russia, but was over-powered by the owner, who was a black-belt in karate. She apparently tied him up and used him as a sex slave for 3 days, feeding him only Viagra!!! Her story is different than his though. She claims she bought him clothes and food, but the did have sex a few times. Crazy Russians! LOL

Slave or Not?

Leave me comments and let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nyan Cat

I have surfed the web a lot, and there is one theme that is driving me insane. What the crap is up with the Nyan Cat???? This thing is stupid, pointless, and ruining most of my surfing with lame references. Every 5th "lol" picture is a Nyan reference, and people are getting lazy by using it as a joke that is no longer funny. Double Rainbows didn't last this long! Here is a post I found today that kicked me into "fed up" mode.

A meme that is in love with Nyan cat is just too much. It's a freak Poptart with a Cat head, crapping out a rainbow!!! Come on people, give me something new!!!

Awesome Tshirts

I was checking out some of the blogs I follow and saw an Ad for this site. It is hilarious what some of these shirts say, and for $50 you can get 10!!! is definitely one of my favorite sites now!

This is my favorite shirt:

Check out their site and let me know what you think :)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Essentials for Baby

I am a super planner. Having a baby for me is one of the ultimate ways to plan months of my life ahead of time. I started my Baby's R Us registry pretty much the week I found out I was pregnant. Of course, Baby's R Us wants me to buy everything I will ever consider buying for the baby. Being the planner I am, I pretty much put everything on my registry. Now I am facing hard financial times and reconsidering what I will actually need for the baby and what we can live without. The BabyCenter (out of Canada) is probably the best site for moms-to-be, and gives me a no nonsense reality check on what to expect and what I need to be prepared for. I just found a link today about what I will really need to take care of baby for the first few months. I am relieved to know that I can do without a lot of stuff I was going to fork over lots of money to have. And it makes me realize that I may be stressing out more by trying to plan every little detail of having this baby. Wish me luck on not losing my mind in the process of trying to stay calm and collected!

Here is the link about what I really need

This is what BabysRUs thinks I need

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

16-Pound Baby Born in Texas!!!

Today Interview on Huffington Post with Parents of 16lb baby

A friend of mine shared this link with me. I could not believe it until I saw it! Now, I understand that some babies are big, but 16 pounds is crazy! My fiancee was 11 pounds so its not a far stretch. Hopefully our baby (due Dec 14) wont be near that big. I don't think my tiny body could handle that. A lot of people would say that obesity in America is the leading cause of large babies, and I can't completely disagree. Even according to Baby Center gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy and obesity in the family can cause large babies. Maybe one day America will finally stop with the over-eating, over-indulging, super-sizing, and encouragement of poor diet. It's more expensive to eat healthy than to not.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Google+ May Not Be The One

On Privacy Facebook vs. Google by Facecrooks

I found this while perusing Facebook. I like the Facecrooks page because it tracks Facebook scams and updates on the ongoing issue with the Facebook privacy policy. The information they found is public to anyone, but not many people take the time to actually read the Privacy Policies on the sites we use everyday. I am guilty of as much. It's interesting that Google+ has such a scarily open policy. An easy way to explain it is to say that Google+ takes everything  you post and shares it with the world unconditionally, and can even manipulate what you share when sending it out to the world. I was excited for an alternative to Facebook because of the many issues it has, but this isn't what I was looking for. Let me know what ya'll think about this!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Bird Loves A Fish 2 by OpalLynn on DeviantArt

Found this on Tumblr. It is by OpalLynn.

I love The Little Mermaid. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. I absolutely love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The joining of these two characters is so awesome. Nothing I ever expected to find, but so glad I did!

Introduction to My Blog

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new blog! This blog is going to have a lot of different content on, so I wanted to give an intro for new visitors to get a feel for what to expect. I have a lot of interests and tend to share my opinion on most everything I experience online and in real life. I am going to be posting a lot, as long as time allows. I tend to write a lot, so some of the posts may be long. Some of the stuff you can expect here will be movie trailers and reviews, book reviews, product reviews, interesting sites or articles I have stumbled upon, important issues I want to chime in about, and lots of hilarious pictures or posts I find online. Tumblr is one of my favorite sites, as well as the Cheezburger and Lamebook networks. Most of my posts will be things I have found online, so if you find yourself bored by what I find, help me out! Send me comments with site suggestions, I am always looking for input!

I want to think you again for stopping by and also let you know that I will follow you if you follow me :)