Sunday, September 4, 2011

Awesome Day!

Today has been an amazing day! Me and my fiance finally found a new place to stay!!! We are moving around the first of October. After several days of driving all over the place, between about 5 different towns within 20 miles of the city we both work, we finally found something. We got extremely lucky to find a landlord who is very laid back and doesn't want to charge an arm and a leg for the place. We have lots to do between now and October, but I am so glad I know where we are going to be and don't have to have nightmares about being homeless giving birth to Dexter. Plus, moving in October will give us a few months to get settled and find a routine before Dexter arrives. It will be so amazing to finally have our own place. This will be the first time we are living alone as a couple and I can not wait!!! Being able to just be ourselves and being able to make the place ours is going to be an adventure. Plus I will get to decorate how I want and really be comfortable finally. The place is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and really big on the inside. Its on a quiet road at the end of a quiet street. But, its closer to the city than we are living now. I'm so excited that I was nearly jumping for joy in the car on the way home. This was the big break we have been hoping for and desperately needing. Now I can focus on getting ready for Dexter and Josh can focus on getting his tech business back up and running like it should be. He has a huge server upgrade coming up soon that he needs to focus on, and now he can. So today has been totally awesome, and I have been so wrapped up in what's going on that I don't have much to post in the way of internet found stuff. Here are a few funny videos ya'll might enjoy.

I feel like the Snail in this one, I am ready to MOVE IT!!! LOL

 Gotta love cats! I definitely want one, and our new place is so open that we can have one, but Josh is allergic. He said I could have an outside cat if I really wanted one, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, September 2, 2011


YAY for me! I now have 100 followers on this humble little blog!!! I'm so excited, but at the same time surprised. I haven't been posting consistently because I am still working two jobs. Thank you to everyone who has shown support for me and my blog. I have been considering adding a new blog to post about being a new mom and everything the internet has to offer me as such. It's a big endeavor considering how many sites there are to help and give advice. I'll keep you updated if I decide to go forward with it.

I have found some pretty interesting things online recently and thought I would share the most controversial with you to celebrate my 100th follower. I'm sure most of you can guess where I got these posts from, and I know most of you are men (with the exception of a few). The few women that do have blogs and follow me, I would love to get your input on this post since its about us!!!

I know this is really really long, and I apologize, but believe me its worth the read! Sorry about the small images, Blogger hates the size of this originals.

Apparently these guys had a run in with the wrong chicks. It upsets me that someone could be so manipulating and makes me ashamed to be a woman. I know that a lot of you guys would read these and assume its the epitome of what women are, but that is so untrue!!! I would never treat someone like this or manipulate them. I think that any body who acts this way should be removed from the gene pool. I know that a lot of guys have been trapped by women who claim they are the father of their children, and that is wrong in and of itself. But when you add that to the lie the first woman drew out to the bitter end, it makes me want to kick her ass for all the decent women she is shaming. The second woman is nearly as bad, and I love the way the guy handled it. I actually admire these men for standing their ground and hopefully teaching these women a lesson.

As a woman and soon-to-be mother I do understand the need to find a decent man who can provide support and security. I don't condone any kind of cheating (be it even the slightest form) and I especially don't condone lying and manipulating. I feel this woman should be more mature and adult about the choices she made to sleep around and get knocked up. She is also described as an older woman which makes the situation worse. How in the hell can she live with herself? It disgusts me.

I can also understand the need of a woman to be doted on and treated like a princess. Women, for some strange reason I can't even figure out, need to be pampered. I would call myself "medium maintenance" in the upkeep category. I am not high maintenance by any means. I don't spend money getting fake nails or doing my hair every month, and I definitely don't shop at malls, or even buy clothes/shoes/pocketbooks on a regular basis. But I do take care of myself, dress nice, wear make-up most days, and buy things when I can justify the need. I find myself some days craving a splurge, I suppose its part of woman-nature. On these days I tend to focus on things I can feel good about without breaking the bank, be it Starbucks, a new shirt, or new make-up. This need is not something men get regularly, or ever. Women just have it in their DNA to shop, and want to be taken care of. Any of you can ask my fiance and he will tell you that I am not the type like woman number two.

I hate when he spends a lot of money on me, and if I let him get away with it, he tends to go overboard because I wont let him most of the time. The example being my birthday. He bought me flowers, a jewelry box, a new game system and accessories, took me out to eat, and pampered me the whole day. Never had I let him or anyone else do that for me, and it was definitely a surprise. Having said that, it filled a need that I didn't realize I had. Having him spend money on me and treat me so luxuriously was an amazing high that I can't find anywhere else. The feeling was so addictive that its hard for me to accept that it wont happen like that again. I have gotten more agreeable to him when he wants to spend money on me, just to get a taste of that feeling. I do believe that men can feel that way, but with a different set of wants/needs being filled. When a man feels that way, its usually because their woman takes care of them. We clean, cook, fornicate, and baby you to make you feel the same high that we do during a shopping trip we don't have to pay for. Whereas the feelings are different because women are much more emotionally aware and tend to feel the same high on different levels, men still feel the "warm gooey" emotion that comes with being taken care of.

The women who abuse that feeling and treat men like a money machine are always giving good women, like myself a bad name. It also makes men hate women on a level that actually causes them to be detached from relationships. Men don't trust women because of all the stories and experiences they have. Because of this underlying mistrust its easier for men to say "fuck you" and walk away from a relationship that may or may not be as bad as they think. They go into a relationship without trust and wait for the woman to turn out like the others they have heard about or know. Believe it or not women pick up on this underlying mistrust and most of the time don't even realize it. It breeds in us and we tend to over analyze everything because we sense something isn't right. Some women take that to the extreme. They pick up on the mistrust and turn it around so they can manipulate and play the victim later. Its part of our protection against a man who would just walk away at any time. So, some of the problems between the sexes are based on cultural experience breeding mistrust and acceptance of unacceptable behavior. I hate the way the world has turned love into a sport and also a competition. But if there is one good thing out of it, maybe it will be that the population will stop exploding and we will start maintaining an acceptable level of reproduction.

Please leave me comments and let me know what your opinions are, or even your experiences!!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Date Night

The other night my fiance and I went out and had a great date night. His birthday is today, and its been a rough few months trying to make ends meet. It was great being able to go out with him and just enjoy a nice break from reality. We ate at an amazing restaurant/bar in our area Buffalo Wild Wings . I had mini hotdogs with fries while Josh had slammers with fries and tried their black cherry mojito. The food was incredible! The fries had to be the best I have ever had. If you are ever near a Buffalo Wild Wings, definitely check it out. There are a ton of big screen TVs set on all the sports shows available, a great bar and bartender, and they even have karaoke!

After we ate we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery. I have lived in the same area my whole life, and had heard about Cold Stone, but had never been there. I was kicking myself hard for not trying it sooner! The ice cream is completely customizable with a ridiculous amount of stuff you can put in it. They scoop out the flavor ice cream you choose, then lay it on the "cold stone" slab that gives it the name. They throw in the toppings/ingredients you choose, then use metal scoops/spatulas to mix everything together. You can see the whole process from the other side of the counter, and its worth every second waiting. The flavors are genuine and the combinations are amazing!!! They also have ice cream cupcakes, ice cream cakes, and pre-matched combinations to choose from. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of room for ice cream after eating so I brought my ice cream home with me, its waiting in the freezer.

When we finished eating we headed to the Carmike Theater near by. Everything we did was within a 2 minute drive, which was great. We don't go to the Carmike a lot because the ticket prices are ridiculous these days. It cost us $25 for two movie tickets and a drink. There are a few cheaper theaters in our area, The Carolina Theater that has movie tickets for $2.50 each adult, and The State Cinema that has movie tickets between $3 and $5.50 each adult. The problem with the Carolina is that it shows movies that have been out a while, and usually the week after they show at the Carolina they are available on DVD/Blu-Ray. The State Cinema has newer movies, but the place is in desperate need of renovations. There are three screens but they are really small and the chairs are falling apart. Anyway, we bought tickets to see Cowboys & Aliens. I loved it!!! I have seen the previews for a long time, and have been dying to see it. The CGI is pretty good, but the characters are better. Daniel Craig is one of my favorite actors, and he did an awesome job as Jake Lonergan. It was great to see a new idea in movies as well. I hate that there are so many remakes and movies from books. How many truly original ideas are there in Hollywood? The only things I didn't like about the movie were Ella's character being so unknown and Harrison Ford's acting skills as Dollarhyde. We didn't ever really learn anything about Ella and it wasn't something I could just make up a backstory to fill in the gaps. I love Harrison Ford as an actor, but I didn't like the way he played Dollarhyde, maybe I'm just not used to seeing him as a cowboy-type. Regardless this was a great movie. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see an action-packed, semi-suspenseful, original movie.

All over the date night was amazing. I am so glad everyday to have an amazing finance who enjoys the same things I do and always knows how to make a wonderful night. Happy Birthday to my fiance!

PS - I am one follower away from 100!!! Thanks for the support everyone :D

Friday, August 26, 2011

Embarrassed much?

I can't believe it took this frigging long for someone to say they are embarrassed by Jersey Shore!!! I don't understand the obsession with the show, or why people want to look or be anything like the "quidos." I know they are people just like we are, but seriously? How can we as a country be anywhere near proud of the these people? And why is it so popular?! I am of the breed not to care too much for shows like Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Survivor, etc. so I suppose I am impartial. I just don't understand how humanity has dropped so low that we find it entertaining to watch the drunken, psychotic, emotional, and dysfunctional exploits of others. I find it extremely hilarious that Abercrombie & Fitch is basically saying "Please stop embarrassing us!" I can't wait for the cast to respond to the offer, who wouldn't take it? I would love to get paid NOT to do something!!!

For your viewing pleasure here is CBS News on Abercrombie & Fitch's offer to The Situation and the cast of Jersey Shore NOT to wear their clothing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Desktop

I have been doing a lot of updating to my computer lately, and found some pretty cool upgrades. I'm sure most of you know about them, but I didn't, so I'm loving that I found some new stuff to play with. Right now I am using Rainmeter and ObjectDock. In case you don't know what these are, here is some information and site links:

Here is the site's description of Rainmeter:
"With Rainmeter, there are no secrets. Our bundled library of open-source skins covers a wide range of functions, but if you want your desktop to do something new, you don't have to wait for us. Every inch of a skin is completely customizable. Rainmeter skins are written in a simple, elegant language that's easy to learn for anyone who's willing to put in the effort. Skins call upon measures, a set of powerful built-in modules that do all the heavy lifting, and create interactive meters to display that information however you decide. In this way, Rainmeter brings productive innovation together with creative artistry like no other platform of its kind. Rainmeter is built by people like you. In the span of just a few months, a thriving community has built up around Rainmeter, as average users freely contribute their own original skins, their generous knowledge and support, and their inspirational ideas to a project whose scope and capabilities are constantly expanding. We can't wait to see where it goes from here. Will you join us?"

I love Rainmeter!!! I have about 10 different skins and using pieces of each one to get different things on my desktop that I use. I have CPU, RAM, and harddisk space meters, a network activity meter, a Google search, a wall calendar, and an events calendar that links to my Google calender. I also have a cool reminders box that replaced the ugly Sticky Notes program that Windows came with. Lastly, there is a clock and date app at the bottom of my screen. All of these individual apps I can customize completely, and I have been playing with them to get them just right. Because of the cool transparency of all the apps, I don't feel like my desktop is covered in crap and I can enjoy the backgrounds that I take so long to find. I'm very picky about things and love the new seamless feel of my computer. What's even better is that the ObjectDock I have melds perfectly with the new look of my desktop.

 The ObjectDock is pretty self explanatory when you see it. It is basically the Apple taskbar for Windows. I have always loved the Apple dock and love using it for my Windows programs. There are skins available, and the one I have matches the Rainmeter pretty well. There is a "plus" version of the ObjectDock that I would never pay for, simply because the basic is enough for me. It automatically grabbed all the programs I had pined to the taskbar and integrated them. It picked up icons for everything except the snipping tool that I use a lot, and the sticky notes program I spoke of earlier. Having replaced the sticky notes, I don't mind losing it. I am in search of an icon to use for my snipping tool so I can have it back on my dock without the ugly question mark that is the default. The dock also came with its own weather program through Accuweather, which is pretty accurate and does a cool expand when you hover over it. The calendar program that the dock has also syncs seamlessly with my Google calendar. All I do is click it, and it goes straight to Firefox and to my calendar. The whole set up is pretty awesome.

I love my new desktop and recommend the Rainmeter and the ObjectDock to anyone who wants to try something different. Here is a screenshot of what my desktop looks like today:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Furniture Designs

I was just bouncing around the internet the other day and found some pretty cool furniture/design concepts to share.

This is a chair concept called the Creative Wedge. Its by a company called Brightside. This has to be the best idea I have ever seen for furniture. This chair can be anything you want it to be. I don't really like the three colors, and would like it a lot more if it had a single color so that it wouldn't be so hard to match in a room. But this is a great concept. The company designs everything from battery chargers to backpacks, and even a bed (that I couldn't find much info on).

This is definitely something all us computer nerds can appreciate. This office chair doubles as a lounge, with an adjustable table. It even has a plug in so that you aren't tripping over the wires of your laptop. I love the concept and hope I can buy one like this soon. Unfortunately I can't find the original creator, so if you guys can, please let me know.

Who doesn't love Pac-Man? These are actually furniture pieces designed by a company called Qayot. Its an Italian company, and I can't understand a word of the site, but there are a lot of reposts online about it. I think its pretty awesome to have furniture that looks this cool!!! When I have a game room I would love to have several of these.

This chaise lounge has to be my favorite! Perfect for gaming, movies, music, reading, whatever! This is like an entire bedroom in one furniture piece. It even has the desk on the outside. It was created by Roberta Ramme and is originally on display at DesignBoom. I don't like the big flower on the red one, but the black one is definitely my style. The only thing I would be worried about is hitting my head on the bookshelf at the headboard. And its not exactly designed to accommodate tall people like my fiance (he is 6feet 6inches tall).

And lastly, I can't leave out my four-legged friends. At DenHaus there is a whole website dedicated to chic pet homes. I love the idea of having furniture that is multifunctional. And why not? Pets are a part of just about everybody's everyday life. The more advanced we become as a civilization and species, the more we understand that our pets are more family than "just pets."

As always I look forward to your reactions!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Falling In Stride

These people know how to take things in stride and make the best of what's given to them:

Obviously this dad is one of the coolest ever!!!

I wish I could live like this dude. He looks like he would have fun no matter what happened in his life. My outlook is a lot bleaker. My fiance's car broke down yesterday, we think the transmission is shot. We don't know for sure, wont til Monday, but at this point we are guessing his car has had its day and its time to get another one. Problem being this couldn't have come at a worse time (except maybe when the baby was on the way). He just started a good job in sales, but he has to be able to travel. He was training this weekend, so he hasn't even gotten his first check yet. I figured up our budget and a plan for us to be able to move by September so we can get settled into our new apartment before December, and now that plan is shot. We were barely going to be able to have enough to move, and now we need a car. At this point I'm burnt out on working two jobs, and suffering in physical pain from standing all day. I am ready to go back to one job and still know we are okay, but that dream is squashed. Facing reality we may not get moved before Dexter gets here, and that is a scary thought, considering we wont have anywhere to live. Life sucks...then you die.

Sorry for the depressing post, maybe things will look up soon and I can get back to the cheery stuff.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not A Lot of Time

I've been really busy this week, sorry about not posting more. It's already close to midnight here and I have a full day tomorrow, so I can't post anything long. I wanted to thank ya'll again for hanging in there while I get my schedule figured out. My fiance and I have to have about $3000 by the end of the month so we can move and still pay our bills, I'm stressing out, but hoping we can do it. He just got a new job and it looks like he could be making very good money, but its new so it will take some time to get it running smoothly. I calculated our bills today and set up a budget based on the new income, and its still really scary and stressful trying to make ends meet.

I notice that ya'll are keeping up with me pretty well and I have several regular commenters which I look forward to every time I check in! But according to my stats I haven't been getting a lot of page views lately, probably from my lack of posting, but it's a little disappointing. If ya'll could share my blog with your friends I would greatly appreciate it. At this point I am following about 120 blogs, and still haven't hit 100 followers myself. Thanks in advance, and please comment if you share my blog, so I can return the favor.

Finally here is some funny stuff for those of you checking in :D

Gotta love marriage....LMAO

Ummmmmm....I would so throw baking powder on this pastor's face!

Apple's response is the funniest part!

Enjoy and remember to comment!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Name Poll

Hey guys, do me a favor and check out the baby name poll I have on the Right column near the bottom. I'm having trouble deciding on a middle name for baby Dexter, and would love the input! Thanks :)

A New Way To Tell Time

My fiance stumbled upon these yesterday and I loved them so much I had to share. The links below take you to the original sites. Basically these are watches that use LEDs to tell time without numbers (for the most part). Most of them have a "ring" for the hour, minute in groups, and minute in singles. Some have "rings" to tell the dates as well.

This is the Kiasi RPM LED watch. I love this one the most, as it has a traditional look mixed with a 21st century feel. You can get this one in black or silver, with green or blue LEDs. The rings are actually really easy to figure out. The inner ring is the hour, the outer is minutes in groups of five, and the very top is single minutes. The only problem I see with the design is that the lights only show when you press the button, so you can't just glance down and get the time. That, and its kind of a manly watch...LOL. I have very small wrists and have a hard time finding a watch that doesn't swallow my wrist whole. This one would definitely be too big! Click Here to read the full article (with video).

This is my second favorite of the group. It is the S-mode Oberon LED watch. This one is more traditional, with the solid face. It comes in silver and blue LEDs. I like this one because it has a date function, just by pressing the button twice it gives you a date. It's a little different to read though, which may cause me some confusion. For time the outer ring tells the hour, the innermost ring tells groups of minutes in 10s, and the middle ring tells single minutes. For the date, the outer ring tells the month, the innermost ring tells days in groups of 10s, and the middle ring tells single days. I like the outward spiral on this one a lot. Again I run into the size issue, but its still a pretty cool watch. Click Here to read the full article (with video).

This one I can't even begin to understand. Click Here to try your luck (with video). There are quite a few more on the site that are pretty interesting, and some that are so complicated (like this one) that it makes time reading feel like a job.

Check them all out! Tell me what you think. Do you have any cool watch concept ideas?

PS - I'm only 19 followers away from 100!!!! Thanks guys :D

Monday, August 1, 2011

As Promised

I finally have some time for a funny post! I am going to be doing a lot better with the blogging very soon as my amazing fiance found a pretty awesome job and I get to go back to one job!!! So here is some funny stuff I found on the web that I thought ya'll would like. Leave me comments!

One of my girls from high school moved to New York last week with her fiance, and shared this with me. She said they drove by one day and saw the awesome 22" rims on this charger, but when they drove by the next day someone had decided they liked those rims a LOT. The funniest part is that this is on a dealership's lot on the front row no less!!! I really really hope that dealership had cameras, and if they didn't then, I bet they do now!

Here in the south, as you may recall from an earlier post, it has been really really hot! Someone got pretty creative and took advantage of that heat. If you look closely you can see a cooking thermometer on the driver's side, which is pretty smart if you ask me. Who doesn't want their car smelling like fresh baked cookies? My only curiosity about this is why would you NEED to bake cookies in  your car? LOL

This has to be the epitome of old people driving. That guy has probably had his car since it was new, and yet he forgets what side the pump is on...classic. I have seen people drive up on the wrong side before, but never go to this extreme. He could have just pulled around to the other side. I feel like this guy shouldn't be driving. Him pulling on the pump like that scares me a LOT, wouldn't it be just hilarious if that pump broke and he got all the gas he'd ever need?

Read this sign very closely....Who cares? I care!!! Who wants to live in a world where computer nerds don't get to dress up nice and spend billions of dollars just to make our lives ridiculously easy? Who wants to live in a world where WW2 never ended? Come on lady! I am also a little curious about why this woman is obviously carrying a rainbow flag? Isn't that a little hypocritical? Or the fact that she looks like a lesbian...I mean really...Gotta love close minded idiots!

And lastly, this one is the number one reason why my fiance refuses to work for big name "computer expert" companies like Best Buy, Office Max, or any other little computer business owned by people who just want your money. Those companies do everything they can to get you to pay out hundreds of dollars just to do something that takes 20 minutes and never endangers your hard drive's stability. I think its funny when these guys talk people into their "protection" packages. That's why I always back up everything I have on external, so should you all!!! I have lost 3 laptops in 4 years (I'm really really really bad with technology - I tend to break things) and before my fiance came around I kept loosing data that was really important (you know pictures I can't live without). So the lesson for the day: Don't be an idiot!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally Something New!!

Sorry again guys for being so absent lately. It was a crazy week with both jobs, but I made it through. I am hoping I can find a happy medium and get on here everyday. I'm having insomnia pretty bad with my pregnancy, so I may end up doing my blogging at night. I want to thank everyone who visited my page and left comments, the Disney post was a big I may post more open ended stuff later. I'm nearing the 100 followers mark and couldn't be happier with how well this blog is going. So here is my treat for ya'll. I'm going to give you a little more about me. My fiance thinks I should keep the personal stuff to a minimum but I like to see a little personal stuff because it makes the person on the other end of the internet seem more real!

Fact 1: I am a This is me, taken about 3 days ago killing time before going into work. Forgive the lame graphics, I am a little loopy from lack of sleep. I'm sure some of you wont think this is really me, but I promise it is, I would load a picture of me and my fiance, but he hates having his picture taken, so he wouldn't let me.

Fact 2: I have only been a licensed driver for a year and 8 months (and I am 25). This is my car, I know its old and crappy but I love the stupid thing. Its nickname is "Fidget" because it pretty much needs a lot of love and a lot of work. I bought it last February for $950. It had been sitting in a garage for about 6 years, ran occasionally, but had new tires. Amazingly the thing runs pretty decent to be a 1986 Prelude. The hubcaps are one of my favorite quirks but I lost one about 6 months ago, which sucks! My other favorite perk is the sunroof, which doesn't leak (surprisingly) and works great. Of course, it has no heat or air, it leaks oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. I recently had to get a lot of work done on the brakes, and so far I've put in about half what I paid for it in repairs and maintenance. The sad part is that this baby will be gone next year. I can't exactly get a car seat in and out of this tiny two door thing easily, and without heat or air, I don't want to submit my baby to the temperature extremes I deal with daily. The summers here are getting ridiculously hot (hitting over 100 degrees, and crazy humid) and the winters are not light by any means. So next year I'll be selling it to get a better car. I may stick with a Honda simply for the amazing gas mileage (even at 25 years old it gets about 29 mpg). It is an amazing first car to say the least and I'm going to hate to see it go.

Fact 3: I am expecting my first child in December. This is my baby Dexter! Being pregnant has been rough, but I love knowing I will soon be a mother. He is kind of an insomniac like me...He is up right now at 2:30am! He is big and growing fast, and has changed my entire world around in just 4 months. Right now I am at the halfway point of my pregnancy (about 20 weeks), and I'm so amazed at how time has flown by. It's stressful for sure, because we need to move into our first place before November, but I couldn't be happier. This picture is my favorite because you can see him sucking his thumb. I am so excited and can't wait to hold him!

Fact 4: I love to draw....even though I don't make time for it anymore. All of these are my artwork, but not completely original. I drew them but copied the images, no tracing! The first one is the Joker. I drew it with lead pencil on sketchbook paper. The original was the cover of a Game Informer magazine with the Joker in a straight jacket. I loved the detail of his face so I made it bigger when I drew it. The second one is the best work I have ever done. I found an image about an inch tall in a comic magazine that was awesome. I used a grid system to enlarge it on poster paper and drew it free hand with lead pencil only. The one I drew is about 2 feet tall, and a little disproportionate. Her head is a lot smaller than it should be. I entered it in a drawing contest but only got Honorable Mention because of the proportion issue. The last one is another, smaller image enlarged from about a square inch to about 4 square inches. If you guys can tell me what it is then YOU can decide what I post!!!

Fact 5: I tend to attract animals in need...a lot. I have rescued more animals than I can remember. I raised a baby squirrel from barely eating solid food to full grown. I raised a chicken like a parrot until it was too big to fit in the cage and she lived for 7 years as a free range bird around our house after that. I have taken in dogs, cats, ducks, a goose, mice, snakes, and many more. My brother nick named me Eli-mae (if you don't know the reference I'm, because I just have a way with animals. I even carried home a 3 foot copperhead when I was in elementary school. My all time favorite was my first son, Ezekiel Thomas. He was an amazing lab/springer spaniel (with a touch of saint bernard), who lived 10 years. He just died this year, and I still miss him a lot. I raised him alone and he never had temper issues, training issues, or even one single "accident" in the house as a puppy. He was the best dog ever.

So now ya'll know more about me. I'm sorry the post got so long, I didn't realize it was getting this much until I was done! I'm going to wrap it up for the night and post some fun stuff for ya'll tomorrow. Leave me comments and let me know if you can figure out where that last piece of artwork originated!!! Thanks again for hanging in there with me even though I can't post every day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta Love Dogs!

I'm still really busy and these days I feel like a walking zombie because I'm not getting much sleep. I don't have a lot of time, so I'm sharing a great video of a dog that I found on the Tosh.0 blog. Thanks for hangin in there with me!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm still super busy these days, but I want to keep up with this as much as I can, so I'm doing a quick post. Josh and I went to the movies Sunday to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. We don't like paying $7.50 a person, so we rarely bother going out to the theater, but we need some time out of the house alone. It was a great movie (I love Transformers and Micheal Bay's theatrics). When we went into the lobby I saw an advertisement for my favorite movie of all time. In September of this year Disney is bringing The Lion King back to theaters!!! Its going to be in 3D (which I'm not a big fan of), but seeing it on the big screen is what I'm so excited about. The Lion King originally came out in 1994, when I was 8 years old. I grew up poor, and we never went to the movies, so I never got to experience it in theaters. It has always been my favorite movie and I love getting the opportunity to see it on the big screen.

I have always been a fan of Disney movies and most of my favorites are Disney films. Below are some of images/gifs of a few of my favorites. Do ya'll like Disney movies? What are your favorites?

Bambi is a great movie, makes me cry every time!! My mom actually nicknamed me Bambi when I was little because she said my eyes were as big as my head..LOL *Quick note, this is a GIF, but you gotta click it to see it move!*

The Little Mermaid is my favorite in terms of music (aside from Fantasia 2000). The songs are amazing, and Ariel's love for singing inspired me to sing. I'm not any good, but I do love karaoke!

Who doesn't love Finding Nemo? This is one of my favorite scenes.

Pocahontas is the movie that cultivated my love of animals and nature. I definitely identify with Pocahontas and her view of the world around her. Every part of nature is alive and connected to each other. Plus, this is another one that has amazing music.

Ratatouille was just awesome! Remy is one of my favorite characters.

I loved the re-imagining of Tarzan in Disney's version. The way Tarzan moves through the forest, and the fluidity of the whole movie was awesome. And the "pots and pans" scene with the gorillas is worthy of a million awards!

Lastly, but definitely not least is Wall-e. This one really hit home with the way humans abuse our only home. I wish it would have spurred more action on our part to clean up the planet, but we are slowly realizing what needs to be done. Plus he is so darn cute!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Geez its Hot!!

A lot of the US has been suffering major heat waves this year. I live in North Carolina, which is in the most humid part of the US. This year has been bad from the beginning. We had pretty serious snow and ice storms throughout winter, and spring was pretty much non existent. We had a few days of 60 degree weather, but it quickly spiked to 70 and 80 degree days, even though the nights were closer to freezing. It would frost all night, then the days would be hot and sticky. Not long after the frost was over, summer hit hard. We were having 90 degree days before the official start of summer in June!!! Now we are in the end of the first half of summer and its miserable outside. The temperatures stay over 70 all night and when the sun rises, they quickly jump to 90+ degrees. Today it has been closer to 100, with he heat index over 100.

This is a picture from the Charlotte, NC television news station site. The temperatures here (about an hour a way) are a little warmer, but only by a few degrees.

My fiance got me out of bed at 6:30am (earlier than I have been up since high school!) and we went to a few yard sales in the area. We found a lot of great stuff for the baby including: $10 homemade rocking chair with a stool, $36 bag of baby clothes that is worth about $200, a $2 boppy pillow for nursing, a $1 baby bag that is brand new, and we have a contact to get a crib for $40 that is solid wood and adjusts for size. It was great getting out and finding good stuff, but by 9:30am it was well into the upper 80 degree range, and miserably humid. By then we had to call it quits and head for home. For the first time in my entire life I find myself wishing for cold weather and snow!!! I was born in July and have always loved the heat, but I'm telling you this heat is ridiculous!!! This is more of what I have to look forward to:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I know I haven't posted in a few days, sorry about that guys. I have been busy, and the internet was down this morning for a while. This coming week I'm starting a second job to make ends meet. I'm working Monday through Saturday and may not have a lot of time to post. I will definitely try to visit ya'lls blogs and such...but posting may be just reblogging stuff from my old blog or pictures I find randomly. Hang in there for me, and once I get the hang of working two jobs I'll be able to get a schedule worked out so I can blog better. Follow my fiance if you don't already, he keeps up with his more than me since he works on the computer pretty much 90% of the time.

A Tech's World View

Have a great weekend ya'll and I'll keep you posted on everything :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lamebook and Google+

I was surfing on Lamebook today and found a few Google+ gems I would like to share. Enjoy!