Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Date Night

The other night my fiance and I went out and had a great date night. His birthday is today, and its been a rough few months trying to make ends meet. It was great being able to go out with him and just enjoy a nice break from reality. We ate at an amazing restaurant/bar in our area Buffalo Wild Wings . I had mini hotdogs with fries while Josh had slammers with fries and tried their black cherry mojito. The food was incredible! The fries had to be the best I have ever had. If you are ever near a Buffalo Wild Wings, definitely check it out. There are a ton of big screen TVs set on all the sports shows available, a great bar and bartender, and they even have karaoke!

After we ate we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery. I have lived in the same area my whole life, and had heard about Cold Stone, but had never been there. I was kicking myself hard for not trying it sooner! The ice cream is completely customizable with a ridiculous amount of stuff you can put in it. They scoop out the flavor ice cream you choose, then lay it on the "cold stone" slab that gives it the name. They throw in the toppings/ingredients you choose, then use metal scoops/spatulas to mix everything together. You can see the whole process from the other side of the counter, and its worth every second waiting. The flavors are genuine and the combinations are amazing!!! They also have ice cream cupcakes, ice cream cakes, and pre-matched combinations to choose from. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of room for ice cream after eating so I brought my ice cream home with me, its waiting in the freezer.

When we finished eating we headed to the Carmike Theater near by. Everything we did was within a 2 minute drive, which was great. We don't go to the Carmike a lot because the ticket prices are ridiculous these days. It cost us $25 for two movie tickets and a drink. There are a few cheaper theaters in our area, The Carolina Theater that has movie tickets for $2.50 each adult, and The State Cinema that has movie tickets between $3 and $5.50 each adult. The problem with the Carolina is that it shows movies that have been out a while, and usually the week after they show at the Carolina they are available on DVD/Blu-Ray. The State Cinema has newer movies, but the place is in desperate need of renovations. There are three screens but they are really small and the chairs are falling apart. Anyway, we bought tickets to see Cowboys & Aliens. I loved it!!! I have seen the previews for a long time, and have been dying to see it. The CGI is pretty good, but the characters are better. Daniel Craig is one of my favorite actors, and he did an awesome job as Jake Lonergan. It was great to see a new idea in movies as well. I hate that there are so many remakes and movies from books. How many truly original ideas are there in Hollywood? The only things I didn't like about the movie were Ella's character being so unknown and Harrison Ford's acting skills as Dollarhyde. We didn't ever really learn anything about Ella and it wasn't something I could just make up a backstory to fill in the gaps. I love Harrison Ford as an actor, but I didn't like the way he played Dollarhyde, maybe I'm just not used to seeing him as a cowboy-type. Regardless this was a great movie. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see an action-packed, semi-suspenseful, original movie.

All over the date night was amazing. I am so glad everyday to have an amazing finance who enjoys the same things I do and always knows how to make a wonderful night. Happy Birthday to my fiance!

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  2. It looks like you had a great time. Happy Birthday to your man :)

  3. Haha, great post. I am glad you had a fun!

    Keep up the interesting posts about your life

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  5. I'm looking forwards to seeing Cowboys and Aliens, sounds like you had a great time! Just 1 more follower to go till you reach 100

  6. Congratulations on the following :p This post made me realise how much I miss coldstones :( we have nothing that even comes close in Ireland

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