Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not A Lot of Time

I've been really busy this week, sorry about not posting more. It's already close to midnight here and I have a full day tomorrow, so I can't post anything long. I wanted to thank ya'll again for hanging in there while I get my schedule figured out. My fiance and I have to have about $3000 by the end of the month so we can move and still pay our bills, I'm stressing out, but hoping we can do it. He just got a new job and it looks like he could be making very good money, but its new so it will take some time to get it running smoothly. I calculated our bills today and set up a budget based on the new income, and its still really scary and stressful trying to make ends meet.

I notice that ya'll are keeping up with me pretty well and I have several regular commenters which I look forward to every time I check in! But according to my stats I haven't been getting a lot of page views lately, probably from my lack of posting, but it's a little disappointing. If ya'll could share my blog with your friends I would greatly appreciate it. At this point I am following about 120 blogs, and still haven't hit 100 followers myself. Thanks in advance, and please comment if you share my blog, so I can return the favor.

Finally here is some funny stuff for those of you checking in :D

Gotta love marriage....LMAO

Ummmmmm....I would so throw baking powder on this pastor's face!

Apple's response is the funniest part!

Enjoy and remember to comment!


  1. HAhahaha! The first one is killer :D

  2. i live paycheck to paycheck :( can be stressful!

  3. You better start baking hahahah naah just kidding, those were very funny

  4. If they're geniuses, they should have that semen problem resolved in no time.

  5. Ha that's some funny stuff!